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Group Size

Group health insurance is often expressed in “lives” covered. Theoretically, group health plans can be of any number of lives. Generally, however, groups over 250 may look at self-insurance as a more flexible and less expensive alternative than traditional group health plans.

Evergreen Health Partners specializes in smaller group health plans of less than 300 lives.

A benefit and a key differentiation between EHP and other broker firms are the value-added services you gain at no additional cost. We take much of the administrative and servicing burden off your company; everyone from administrative, an assistant to an HR coordinator or managers.

Issues such as application support, inter-mediating insurer issues or disputes; assisting in getting COBRA benefits started, and even voluntary assistance in customer service issues are continuing benefits of a small business having Evergreen as their insurance partner. Besides that, we are vigilant of changes in healthcare reform, like provisions of ACA where we provide strategic insight before you are surprised by a change or a shift in your insurer’s response to the market.

With Evergreen Health Partners, the partner in our name is you!