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About Us

For more than a decade, Evergreen Health Partners, a division of Evergreen Financial Partners, LLC (“EHP”) has helped small and midsize employers understand and implement complex insurance, and employee benefit programs. We take pride in taking a “holistic” approach to playing a role in that helps clients achieve their business goals. Most of our client relationships begin with referrals by satisfied customers. Within this web site will be testimonials to our work.

We solicit your questions in our “How Can We Help” section. This web site is designed to encourage clients and prospects to learn and contact us with specific issues, which we will do our best to answer and provide assistance for you.

Evergreen Health Partners is leading the way toward self-funded, flexibly insured, group health insurance programs for the smaller employer.  Recent consolidation in the health insurance industry has left just a handful of fully insured carriers in the region to handle all businesses insurance needs with largely a handful of products, with little regard to employer input into structuring health plans and managing risks.

With healthcare reform a reality, the results can be negative or positive to smaller groups. We pride ourselves for not being a “dumb-terminal” quote house, and actually helping our clients embrace and learn from change to lower costs and gain visibility to employee benefit programs. As such, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will enhance the potential for self-insured health plans that can reduce costs, allow greater flexibility in design programs and offer more information to insured employers with surprisingly less risk than might otherwise be perceived.